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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  July 24, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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thp and ten other agencies will stepp enforcement from the bay area to new jersey. the goal is to prevent fatalities. increase on i80 during vacation time. officers will be watching out for drunk drivers, speeders, and making sure drivers also wear seat belts. a community meeting will be held about the college board's decision to throw out hundreds of scores on ap tests. the college board is requiring students to retake those tests because seating regulations were not followed when exams were given back in may. legal action is considered as well against the board. they say there have been no reports of cheating. an antioch man is scheduled to face a judge today.
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barry bernard white is expected to be charged with murder, attempted murder, assault on a police officer. he stabbed two please earlier this month and critically wounded the shop's owner. police say a dispute may have been the motive for the attack. gambling, people who live near the dana plaza shopping center says their neighborhood has gone downhill since this internet cafe moved in under a sign reading the hills. they cite an increase in crimes. ktvu went in to investigate. >> can you tell us what kind of business you're running? >> that manager said they buy internet time for sweepstakes
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game. then she announced she were closing. the city attorney has sent a cafe a cease and desist letter, saying it was an unlawful nuisance that violated zoning laws. police say a man who tried to attack dogs with a saw at a san jose dog part is in the hospital this morning. police say a homeless man armed with a hand saw approached several people sunday at st. james' park and asked where he could buy drugs and attacked their dog. one dog has a cut on its nose and a pit bull mix needed stitches. the man was beat up and bitten by one of the dogs. this morning the alameda county health department has issued a warn about rabid bats. that came after a bat bit a teenage volunteer at the oakland zoo on saturday. in response, the county is printing up flyers alerting those who live near the zoo to
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be alert on rabid animals. this is the third rabid bat discovered in alameda in just the past month. >> this month earlier we had one just here in san lorenzo. >> the teenager bitten at the zoo on saturday is expected to make a full recovery. anyone else who comes in contact with the bat should contact authorities right away. this morning as well environmental activists plan to show their anger over a recent fundraiser held for google. climate change is being denied. demonstrators will march a mile to google headquarters. they plan to sign a petition asking google to stop supporting inhoff. free wireless internet is coming to san francisco.
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they're teaming up with google to provide wi-fi. the chronicle reports google will spend $600,000. that includes herman plaza, marina green, and mission delores park. time is 4:37. sal is keeping an eye on traffic. things are doing well. we look pretty good around the bay area. let's go out and take a look at the east shore freeway. traffic is moving along nicely as you drive through. there are no major problems getting out to the macarthur maize. also, the morning commute is looking good. if you're driving in san jose, 280, traffic looks good all the way into cupertino. let's go to steve.
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>> the lou clouds are back, still 60s. a lot more 50s and we'll continue the see additional cooling there. it's not like 67 or 6, which is what we had at that time. we had two bands, one that came up in the morning and we got a break and then another band came up. northern california to the oregon border. it looks like a quiet pattern for the rest of the week. a couple degrees warmer inland. you lose the tropical clouds. allows heat to get back into the 80s. looks like this will take us steady. we go into friday and a cooldown starts on saturday. that enhances the fog as we get
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into the weekend. warmer inland temps, back in the 90s. the cloud deck held down the temps. 80s to the north. 80s on the peninsula low and then 60s and 70 oz tennessee change. thursday and friday looks cool. >> it was humid yesterday, steve. thank you very much. time now is 4:40. anthony weiner is caught in another sexting scandal. we'll check in with duke and duchess as they bring the royal baby home from the hospital. the morning commute is off to a good start. we'll tell you more straight ahead. look at 'em.
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good morning. the high mid level tropical
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clouds are gone thankfully. so the humidity comes down. there's plenty of fog on the coast. royal baby is now at kensington palace. the dutch and duchess have brought him home from the hospital. but they have not named him yet. we're joined with how people are celebrating the new prince. vladimir? >> reporter: hey, brian. well, what people on social media were calling the great kate baby wait reached its climax when the world finally caught a glimpse of the young royal prince. here's how it unfolded. >> well, he's got a good pair of lungs on him, that's for sure. >> the morning after the debut, britain is still beaming over the latest member of the royal family. the duke and duchess presented their son to the world on tuesday amid a crowd of reporters, photographers, and
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well wishers. prince william joked his new son thankfully had his mother's looks and he tried his hand at one of the trickier duties of fatherhood. prince charles gave his seal of approval after visiting his first grandchild before he left the hospital. carolyn michael middleton agreed, calling the prince absolutely beautiful. the question on everybody's mind, what about the moniker for the future monarch. >> we're working on a name. we'll have that as soon as we can. >> they're waiting on the fact that they're working on a name. it took prince charles and princess dina a week before william goutiness names. prince harry was named day one. as soon as he was born, they had the name ready to go. prince charles for his part, almost a month. so hopefully they will split the difference. >> hopefully we won't be waiting too long. >> same-sex marriages will
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continue in california as the state supreme court considers a petition to stop the weddings. a motion was filed last week, asking the court to stop gay marriages as it considers several issues. it includes whether it should apply to the entire state or just in alameda and los angeles counties where the challenges to prop 8 began. without comment, the state supreme court refused to grant a stay. anthony weiner says another sexting scandal will not keep him from running. his announcement came a year after he apologized for a sexting scandal. his wife said she has forgiven him. >> our marriage like many others has had ups and downs. it took a lot of work and a whole lot of therapy to get to
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a place where i could forgive anthony. >> weiner and his wife say his inappropriate behavior is behind him. he also says he's staying in the mayoral race and asking new yorkers to give him another chance. this morning a man is dead and another is in the hospital after a shooting last night in oakland. shots were fired in the area of 80th avenue and alder street just before 7:30 a.m. both victims were taken to the hospital where one of them died half an hour later. this is the city's 55th 55th homicide of the year. no arrests have been made in the case. time now is 4:47. a bicyclist will formally be sentenced next month for pleading guilty to running over and killing a pedestrian in san francisco. we first reported on yesterday's morning news that the defendant will avoid a prison sentence by pleading guilty to felony vehicular manslaughter. he killed 71-year-old su c health care reform i wi.
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prosecutors say it's the most serious conviction against a bicyclist in a deadly accident in california history. u.s. safety regulators are investigating the collapse of the landing gear on a southwest airlines jet at la guardia. this is video that a passenger took while the plane was landing. you can see the violence there. passengers say there was no warning there was going to be a problem. safety experts say the nose gear collapsed and went up into the fuselage. the plane's flight recorders are being analyzed. the pilots will be interviewed, and the plane has been towed to a nearby hang hang ar. also, if you're look at the
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toll plaza, there's a small delay these things tend to change as the morning wears on, but it looks nice and clear in san jose. let's bring in the man. >> i'm 100% positive the giants will be the home team for the entire game tonight. >> that's good. that's kind of weird last night. >> that was a weird one. nice to have the names on the back of the jerseys for once. >> did you like seeing at home the road unis? it was cool. we have the fourth game of the series tonight. back to mostly clear. west wind, 62. tropical clouds last night turned it into a hitter's park. those clouds are gone. definitely 50s now. more so than 60s. we have low 60s hanging on. it's not going to be as humid
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today. the comments from people yesterday were pretty interesting. one just came in on twitter. he said; man, i felt like i was back in bombay. well, i understand that. for us, it was definitely on the humid side. it's tough to get rid of all of that. it will still be a little muggy but not nearly what we had yesterday. morning fog on the coast. we'll have no problem warming up today. not much change around the bay. 70s to 80. cool lows. warmer inland. temperatures 50s to 90s. here we go again, big huge spread on some of these temps. 90 fairfield. redwood city 81. low 90s. livermore. 75. santa cruz. time now is 4:50. coming up, a concern for
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gardeners in california. the disease that's threatening a popular summer flower for the first time ever in the state. and challenging to the america cups and courts. the group that's being denied a chance to make history. it starts with something little, like taking a first step.
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and soon we'll be ending alzheimer's disease. and that'll be big. grab your friends and family and start a team today. register at well, california gardeners are being warned to be on the lookout for a disease that's threatening a popular summer
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flower. downey mildew leaves -- on the underside of the leaves. it becomes a bare stem and dies. this is the first time it's spotted in california but so far no confirmed cases in the bay area. a proposal encouraging corner stores to sell healthier foods is closer to becoming law. the
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company's medium chunky salsa is also being recalled. as you wake up this morning, you may want to take time for breakfast. a new harvard report shows skipping a meal may increase the risk for heart attack. a group of older men were studied and those who skipped breakfast increased their heart attack by -- those who don't eat breakfast eat larger calories later in the day. time now is 454. no question about that. sal. we have to have breakfast in the morning. i don't know what your routine is, but i usually have something before i come to work. >> it's a full catered kitchen. let's go out and take a look at the commute. the traffic is moving along well throughout the bay area. traffic on interstate 880 looks good in both directions.
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no major problems here if you're driving down the san san mateo bridge. traffic looks good headed out to the high rise. we had roadwork near the dublin interchange. traffic is looking pretty good. let's go the steve. >> we have areas that's slow on the bridges. be careful. high and mid level clouds moving on and taking the humidity with it. yesterday was a little abnormal for us with the higher humidity. 50s and 60s. mostly cloudy day. today is mostly sunny. higher clouds north up toward the oregon border. a little low is going to spin toward us by the weekend. that will start a cooling trend. until then, high pressure starts to kick in. it's not a big guy or anything. inland temperatures don't take long. 60s, 70s, then low 80s and also 90s. it may be a very quiet pattern for a while.
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cooler lows, warmer inland and temperatures back into the 80s and 90s that were held down by the cloud cover last couple of days. temperatures, this is actually pretty close to seasonal -- for some. not much change near the coast. more of the same on thursday and friday. there's a little cooldown that takes us right into the weekend. >> well, a group of african- american sailors is demanding a chance to compete in the america's cup. it's scheduled in a lawsuit. the sailors say they were unfairly denied an opportunity to race by the golden gate yacht club that's hosting. >> it will be a tremendous honor. you're talking about a group of african-american sailors, which is an underrepresented group in the community. >> but there's a concern that the group does not have a financial backing for a legitimate challenge. the golden gate yacht club has asked to dismiss the suit that could delay the finals that are scheduled to begin on september
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7th. coming up at 5:00. the oakland chief quiffs his department a failing grade. how the chief plans to prevent further violence this weekend. also, chaos as a bay city council meeting. big disruption that caused police to respond.
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good morning. thank you for joining us. it's wednesday, july 24th. i'm pam cook. >> we're ready. i'm dave clark. let's go over to steve who knows all about the forecast.
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>> thankfully not as humid. >> very unusual. >> well not have that today. now, by the coast there's thick fog. some of that is working its way around the bay. more sunshine and temperatures will be warming up. 80s, 90s, closer to it. mainly 60s and 70s. >> we're looking at highway 4. it looks good here as you drive up to concord. also, the morning commute looks good on 237 westbound as you drive through. now, let's go back to the desk. >> all right. just about 5:00, sal. police in richmond rushed in to clear out city council chambers last night after loud, angry protests disrupted the meeting. joining us live in richmond to show us what happened and what one city council member is saying about it now. alex? >> reporter: and, you know, dave, lately there have been quite a few richmond city council meetings that have turned rowdy. it's unclear what these protests are all about. city council members had to clear out council chambers here behind me because


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